1. zagreus-taking-time-apart:

    "bisexual? you mean you’re experimenting?"

    *kicks test tubes and alien hybrid under a desk* “um no what do you mean”

  2. girlstylerevnow:

you know how us girls are


    you know how us girls are

  3. fuck-benedict:

    kinda wanna dye my hair kinda wanna die in general

  4. arcticidiot:

Matt and Alex


    Matt and Alex

  5. llllucy:

Me at parties


    Me at parties

  6. maliciousmelons:

    my anaconda dont want none unless you got funds hun

  7. "The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you."
    Neil deGrasse Tyson (via cynicsdream)
  8. irisnectar:

    From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

  9. "fernweh [feyrn-vey]"
    (noun) This wonderful, untranslatable German word describes the feeling of homesickness for a far away land, a place you have never visited. Do not confuse this with the english word, wanderlust; Fernweh is much more profound, it is the feeling of an unsatisfied urge to escape and discover new places, almost a sort of sadness. You miss a place you have never experienced, as opposed to lusting over it or desiring it like wanderlust. You are seeking freedom and self-discovery, but not a particular home. (via mountainstwin)
  10. casbean:

    true love

  11. cotilardmarion:

    Viserys Targaryen does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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